Narrative Unreality in all it's Wonders

verb - A commonplace portmanteau used to refer to traveling the depths of the narrative unreality colloquially called 'the void'.
I'd do a proper dictionary setup here, but a 'voidtraipser' is synonymous to 'vagrant' and 'adventurer' and 'tourist' alike.
Anyone who travels the void is a voidtraipser, and especially if they do so without a permanent home to call their own.

Where can I voidtraipse presently?

Great question!!
I currently have (1) ongoing project set in the void presently.

It's called Questant and you can find it on Sufficient Velocity or Thousand Roads

It currently follows someone who woke up in a dreamscape dungeon trying to find their way to safety, and finding there's a wide and wild world out there waiting for them.
After they find their way to safety the narrative will open up towards life sim elements, whether it's having brunch with party members, flirting with aliens, training tamed monsters, or talking about existentialism with strangers you met at the swap meet.

Questant is known as an 'art quest' or 'forum adventure'. If you're familiar with Ruby Quest or Problem Sleuth, and other interactive webcomics where you can tell the characters what silly actions to do, it's like that. When it comes to works that inspired me historically I'd point to The Cosmosdex's Fortuna for a variety of reasons. A number of my species were originally written for the cosmosdex, along with that of some friends' species too!
My art-style is gonna be on the rough side for my earlier projects. I've been working on my skills as a self-taught artist for a while, so while I've gotten proud of what I can do I'm still well-aware that there's gaps in my skills.

Here's a poem-like a system member made when we were high and worldbuilding together:

Cast your band wide in the dark night. Open yourself to the background radiation of the collective unconsciousness.
Drink it in, bask in what you can through meditation, the unreal suggests so many things that can be, so many things that already are.
The depths gaze back at you, but so to do you gaze unto its facets.

Fucked Up Fact Corner

I'm a fan of fucked up facts. For instance did you know about the Struddlefish?

Its the result of trying to see if parthenogenic cloning worked out a certain way, and oops! two species of distantly related fish could make fertile offspring!

I find it hilarious that traditional scientific knowledge told us nothing would happen, and we got them.
Traditional scientific knowledge tells us that the sturddlefish hybrids will be sterile hybrids, and yet a further study hasnt been attempted to make 'Sturddlefish 2!!' via same-similar methods, and I just think that's a shame.
It'd be so funny if they were fertile hybrids.
if they're all being kept in captivity together we'll find out sooner or later I guess right?